Below is a list of apps I use on a regular basis in music. These are not required for classroom use! I am posting it for students, parents, or anyone else who may be interested. Please note that I am an iOS user, however many of these apps, or similar apps, can be found for Android devices.

Please note that phone usage is strictly prohibited during class. Phones should not be out during class even when using one of these apps.

Beatwave: Free (iOS)
This serves no other purpose than to be fun. You can experiment with various rhythms, sounds, and visuals.

Cleartune: $3.99 (iOSAndroid)
I use this app to help tune my instrument. It can either “listen” to the pitches and tell you if it is correct, or it can “play” a pitch and you adjust it as needed.

GarageBand: $4.99 (iOS)
A fun app that allows you to make music anywhere you go.

Padrucci: $6.99 (iOS)
For iPad only, this app allows you to access the IMSLP Petrucci Music Library on your iPad.

Pro Metronome: Free, $0.99 for full version (iOS)
A slightly more complicated metronome than the Steinway Metronome, however with its many sound, rhythmic, and visual features, it is something I find useful and fun. I use it a lot more on my iPad than my iPhone.

Steinway Metronome: Free (iOS)
A basic metronome for iOS devices. There are several metronome apps available for all platforms, however I use this one the most.