Color Guard FAQ

Q:  Who can join the Courtland Color Guard?
A:  Any student (male or female) attending Courtland High School, who has an interest in dance, flags, performance, and a positive team experience is welcome!  You can join as an incoming freshman up through 12th grade.

Q:  Do I need to have any dance or color guard experience to join?
A:  No.  Many of the current members had no prior experience.

Q:  How do I join the Courtland Color Guard?
A:  You would need to participate in one of the Clinics held in the Spring.  You will learn the basics needed to prepare you for the auditions.  Then, you would simply need to go through the audition process as discussed at the Clinics.

Q:  When does the guard practice and perform?
During the fall, the guard rehearsal schedule is the same as the Marching Band Schedule.  The Marching Band performs at varsity football games, parades, and at competitions throughout the Commonwealth.  During the winter, the guard follows its’ own rehearsal schedule and competes  at indoor shows throughout Virginia and North Carolina.

Q:  Why should I join the Courtland Color Guard?
Like any other worthwhile activity, performing with the Color Guard requires time, hard work, and dedication.  Practicing and performing with the guard teaches members valuable life skills such as  team work, discipline, and leadership.  Most of all…IT’S FUN!!!